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hello besties, this is julia speaking. im a tight mofo who loves tom felton. he is one hot mofo. were perfect for eachother. im sitting on my bestfreinds lap(lol) writing this peice of shit. So to the ppl who hate me well oh well you are the devil. lol see ya lulu, julia, kati, nina, meg,ana, and allie meg adn ana. see you jossy,sam, ella, philip, jeffy(my pimp lover), nd many more. love love love love love love

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julia doesnt go to the party she BRINGS the party. shes really fun and can probably make you piss your pants from laughing so hard. shes really wild and is always doing something new. julia is an independent person and is a trend setter to all. she likes to play her purple electric guitar and is currently in a band with the dearest louis whom is writing this. julia likes to dance alot. (mostly in circles cause she can\'t! lol lol jk shes a great dancer) julia can be cool when shes not being a loser. haha jk im just JOSHING WITH YOU. she hates it when you say that i would know im her best friend and shes a really loving person.
Strengths: loving, standing up for what she believes in, shes independent, shes a good friend, and shes loyal, shes smart
Weaknesses: she gets bitchy if she doesnt have enough sleep, and you have to say sorry to her if ur in a fight and she feels like its their fault
Special Skills: shes a good dance, smart, nice
Weapons: her sharp teeth, licks people, and can kick ur ass
nona: nona

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